Website on Oxygen

Hyperbaric medicine has 18 different indications for treating a wide range of conditions from radiation soft-tissue damage to wound care. As a result, there are even more patient needs and questions so we created the website to anticipate and answer them all.

One key focus was to feature the medical team members who comprise the company. Each member is board certified in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and has years of professional experience so we included individual bio pages for each person. This feature includes back-end functionality to easily add and update member credentials.

We wrote all the copy to anticipate key issues and questions raised by new patients, their family members, and referring physicians. The website welcomes and educates all visitors on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the amazing medical team at Westchester Hyperbaric, and their world class facility.

Dr. Owen O’Neill is not only the medical director but a teacher. To meet his teaching needs, we included a password protected are for residents, fellows and interns to access their respective course materials and lecture notes.

The website was built in WordPress and uses a fully responsive design – resizing dynamically to fit the width of any web enabled device. Content is easy to add and maintain as the website grows.