Produced a Five-Part Video Series

Production included multiple days of planning, shooting on location, copywriting, voiceover recording, professional photography, sound design, and post-production editing. By weaving together management interviews with video demonstrations and imagery depicting the massive scale of their facilities, we were able to build and present their story in concise informative chapters.

Unitex runs a massive operation including 11 processing facilities across three states servicing an array of clients 365 days a year. We needed to present the massive scope of their operations through the unique lenses of different client types. Their large hospital clients have different needs than their ambulatory and private practice centers who have different needs than their long-term care facilities.

To address these different messages we created five distinct videos to accentuate the differences between their unique services and the dedicated processing facilities they operate. These videos were positioned throughout the website to complement their related topics.

Welcome to Unitex

Hospital and Healthcare Facility Linens

Surgical Linen

Residential and Extended Care Facility Laundry