Developed Website and Video to Launch a New Training Seminar

As part of the launch of their new school, Stamford School of Regional Anesthesia (SSRA) needed a website to showcase their training programs, promote their credentials, and register applicants. The website we delivered includes all those features and more. We also produced a training seminar overview video which presents the teaching topics, introduces the founders, and shows examples of the training seminar and hands-on training opportunities their seminar offers.

From attendee testimonials and a photo gallery to faculty bios and sponsor links, website visitors receive a snapshot view of the entire seminar. Click on the “Nerve Block Seminars” link for a more detailed description of training topics, CME information, a detailed schedule outlining the day, a list of faculty members presenting, and basic travel and accommodation information. When you’re ready to register the integrated e-commerce allows you to pay using Paypal or a major credit card. In addition, we’ve integrated a questionnaire so the doctors have a better understanding of their audience members. We’ve also customized pricing tiers for Doctors, Nurses, and Residents.

Integration with social media exists throughout the website including links to new Facebook and Twitter accounts we created for the school as well as News and Blog sections of the website with tools to share their postings across any social media service.

Other convenient features include a website search field, a newsletter subscription field, and immediate contact information available on every page of the website.

.The Stamford School of Regional Anesthesia’s (SSRA ) mission is to provide high quality training in the management of acute pain by teaching participants in their Saturday seminars how to place peripheral nerve catheters under ultrasound guidance. SSRA also seeks to teach the strategies to launch a successful inpatient and ambulatory nerve block and catheter programs.