Creating a Fresh Look for a 90 Year Old Company

For more than 90 years, this family-run business has been leading the way in the healthcare uniform and linen rental industry. Today, they’re the largest family-owned healthcare service provider in the country. Based on their years of success and industry leadership their commitment to innovation and detail is present in every aspect of their business. Updating their website was no different.

Their huge operation includes 11 processing facilities across three states servicing an array of clients 365 days a year. We needed to present the massive scope of their operations through the unique lenses of their different client types. Their large hospital clients have different needs than their ambulatory and private practice centers who have different needs than their long-term care facilities.

To address these different messages we created five videos to accentuate the unique distinctions between their custom services and the dedicated processing facilities they operate. These videos were positioned throughout the website to complement the related topics.

The Services page of the website lists each unique service with accompanying photos and descriptions. The Content Management System allows this list to be edited, rearranged, or appended and adding a new service automatically updates the related navigation menus.

Capturing new leads is built into the Products page where completing the sign-up form is required to view and download their PDF catalog.

The website was also configure to integrate with a Application Tracking System (ATS) to facilitate recruitment through the Careers section of the website. Each location is listed in the side navigation and clicking through will show all available jobs at that location.

Other convenient features include a website search field and immediate contact information available on every page of the website.